McVitie’s S’mores

In the world of ingenuity, this doesn’t exactly push sliced bread out of the way, but it is pretty great; McVitie’s S’mores. That’s correct, a simple little British biscuit with a toasted marshmallow. First, I’ll have to give credit to my friend Tea for coming up with it. Last summer, in a moment of craving, she yearned for a McVitie via Twitter. And not just any McVitie; the chocolate dipped one. And what is a McVitie you ask? It’s a biscuit (what the Brits call cookies), that’s sorta similar to a Marie Lu cookie, but so much better. For McVitie’s have their own unique crumb. And they are delicious in a way that you have a craving that needs to the satisfied now. Which explains Tea’s wants. Then in a moment of ingenious innovation she mentioned that she likes to make s’mores with them.  Here’s how:

First, you get yourself a McVitie. They’re not exactly easy to find; in Seattle, you can find them in the British section at Metropolitan Market. If you’re not in Seattle, good luck. There are two different types of McVitie’s. One is the standard biscuit. It’s okay, but when you have the other option you must go with it; Milk Chocolate. It’s the standard and it has been augmented with one side of the biscuit coated in chocolate. It is awesome.

Next, get some marshmallows. Self explanatory in making s’mores really. Now if you can get your hands on homemade marshmallows even better. The wonderful Ashley Rodriguez shows how to make them yourself. As for the chocolate, the McVitie already has chocolate so you can skip this step of s’more building.

I think at this point, you should have an idea of how to make s’mores. But if you’re not near a campfire, you can toast it over the burner on your range. If you don’t have a gas range, you can use your imagination. Be safe. At the very least, you have a chocolate dipped cookie.

There you have it. A quick way to enjoy a time-honored snack in a clever new way. And we have our friend Tea to thank. (Thanks!)

Update – For a more formal recipe format, here you go:

McVitie’s S’mores


  • 2 McVitie’s – Milk Chocolate version
  • 3 Marshmallows


  1. Take one McVities and place chocolate side up on a plate
  2. Place marshmallows onto fork or other lenghty device, a skewer would be swell
  3. Over open flame (goes without saying to be careful), toast marshmallow to preferred doneness
  4. Remove from flame (extinguish flame if need be) and place newly toasted marshmallows onto McVitie
  5. Take other McVitie with chocolate side down and squeeze marshmallows and remove fork
  6. Enjoy

Note – This recipe can be scaled up.


7 thoughts on “McVitie’s S’mores

  1. Or the instant variety- in the microwave. Works much better with the chocolate ones. Another thing that I found at Uni (along with Ramen)

  2. As an English person who spent a year or two in Portland I feel for the yearning of these biscuits but as a pedantic English person I must point out that the actual biscuits are called ‘Digestives’ so these are ‘Chocolate Digestives’ where as ‘McVities’ is the name of the brand that create many well known biscuits in England, apart from that a great post and I strongly advocate the use of Digestives in Smores, they are great and much less messy

  3. Ooo! I’m having trouble finding Graham crackers in London, I’ll have to try this! YUM.

    (hah, the first thing i thought was ‘a McVities? it’s a digestive not a rich tea!’)

  4. Just a little heads up too, we Brits don’t call biscuits cookie’s, if they’ve got chocolate chips an things in then we call them cookies, but the digestive is definitely a biscuit 🙂

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