Cochon 555 – Seattle’s Pork Party, 2/20

The past few days I’ve been increasing my intake of fiber; loads of dark, leafy greens and whole grains. Why? Because my cholesterol and arteries are going to take a hit this weekend. And I can’t wait to do so. This Sunday is Cochon 555, an event centered around pork and all the goodness that comes from it. It should be deliciously decadent.

Here is how Cochon 555 breaks down. The “555” stands for five chefs from different restaurants, five different types of heritage pork (PDF), and five different wineries. It’s a rollicking party spun into a tizzy by pork fat and wine-stained teeth; it’s very fun. There will be butchering and if you want to be a VIP, oysters, beer, and a few other things can be yours. And at the end of the eating, a Prince or Princess of Porc will be crowned. Eating great food and a chance to witness royalty? Surely you should go!

I went last year as a guest of my friend Lorraine and it was quite the eating extravaganza. I’m expecting the same this year. Each chef gets one of the five different breeds of pig and can create whatever they wish from the animal on a whim. Don’t be surprised to see an assortment of things from the pig that you may not normally eat. Think trotters, brains, or cheeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what this batch of chefs have in store for us. Here is the roster the chefs, breeds, and wineries for this year’s Cochon 555:

The five chefs:

The five types of pork:

  • Berkshire from Newman Farms
  • Hampshire from Jones Family Farms
  • Old Spot/Poland/Duroc from The Collective
  • Red Wattle from Mosaic Farm
  • Tamworth from Zorn Family Farms

The five wineries:

Cochon 555 is this Sunday (2/20) from 5pm till 7pm (opens at 3:30pm for VIP guests). Get your tickets now and be sure to visit the Seattle page for more info. I will be there and will report back from my pork-filled findings. See you around the table. I’ll be the one with a fork ready to attack all the pork cheeks I can stab into.

(If you want to follow along more pork fun, I’ll be posting updates to my twitter with the hashtag #cochonsea and be sure to follow @COCHON555’s Twitter feed. )

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