A Tea Party at the Northwest Tea Festival

This weekend Seattle will host a tea party that is open to all walks of life; on October 2-3, the Northwest Tea Festival opens its arms. In Seattle Center’s Northwest Rooms, the tea festival will be the place to be for tea lovers.

So if you’re looking for something fun, interesting and different to do, go check out the Northwest Tea Festival. For a $5 donation, you’ll get a souvenir tasting cup and entry into the event. There are a host of tasting sessions, presentations, and workshops throughout the weekend. Coupled with the floor of retailers, you should be able to find enough interesting things about tea to kick your coffee habit. Or rather, diversify your drinking habits.

For another cool reason to attend, the good folks at The Essential Baking Company have made three specialty cakes to pair with teas. I had the good fortune of attending a preview event at Pike Place’s Perennial Tea Room to learn about the cakes, the festival and tea culture. The tea cakes come in three flavors (Blueberry Orange, Lemon Raspberry, and Carrot Pineapple) and my dear friend CakeSpy shared her thoughts on them. Check out EBC’s cafes to check out the cakes as well.

One hidden benefit of going to the Tea Festival is the opportunity to learn immense amounts of a subject as broad as tea. The copious volumes of factoids will blow the doors off of the stuff that your friends know. Because really, isn’t it nice to know more than your friends? See you at the table for high tea.