Take 2 for Seattle’s Mobile Chowdown

Seattle, are you ready? On the day after Elvis’ birthday*, be prepared for your own version of gluttony with the second installment of the Mobile Chowdown.

After the massive, runaway success of the first Mobile Chowdown in the fall, the folks at Seattle Magazine, Suzuki+Chou Communimedia, and The Freehold Group, wanted to get the band back together for another go around. And with the volume of crowds that came for the Mobile Chowdown in October, there is obviously demand for street food in Seattle. And it’s great that there is an opportunity to try these food trucks at an event specifically built for street food.

With the winter hibernation that has kicked in, we have the opportunity to eat food from vendors like Marination, Veraci Pizza, Gert’s BBQ, El Camion, amongst others. And if you haven’t heard Marination was recently crowned as the best food cart in the country by Good Morning America. Now you’ll have a chance to try their Spam sliders and kimchee rice bowl.

Tips for when you go: arrive early, be patient, bring cash, and remember that for most of these places the food is made to order. Which means a wait is as much a part of the day as the food. So while waiting, enjoy the festivities and your fellow eaters.

See you at the Chowdown, I missed the last one, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

*For those that aren’t fans of the King, that means that the Mobile Chowdown is on January 9 from 11am-3pm in the same location as the first; 1616 W. Bertona in Interbay.

Photo from Bay Area Bites

Seattle’s Mobile Chowdown

Update – The next installment of the Mobile Chowdown is here! Click for more info.

This is an idea that has been floating around for sometime amongst some of our local streetfood vendors for some time. A ‘streetfood festival’. A one-stop shop of the local purveyors of mobile cuisine in Seattle. A Mobile Chowdown that will commence this Saturday, October 11!

This is all sorts of cool because the Mobile Chowdown will be the first time that all of Seattle’s streetfood vendors will be in one place together. And the place will be in the Interbay neighborhood off of 15th at 16th and West Bertona. Interesting location for an event like this; though, Mobile Chowdown’s Twitter feed stated that it was a good spot for the various trucks to park and share their goods. Plus, the Interbay area ties together Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard.

Who will be at the Mobile Chowdown? Here’s the quick list linked to their Twitter handles:

  • Skillet – Purveyors of delicious burgers and bacon jam. I hope they are serving poutine. Notable for their Airstream trailers throughout town.
  • Parfait Ice Cream – Artisanal ice cream that is delicious. The Fresh Mint & Straciatella is a home run.
  • Maximus/Minimus – Pulled pork sandwiches in either a spicy (Maximus) or sweet (Minimus) sauce. They also serve up tasty veggie chips. And their truck is a sight to behold.
  • Marination Mobile – Often found on Capitol Hill, the Marination Mobile serves up Hawaiian and Korean streetfood.
  • Gert’s BBQ – Southern soul food (amongst their many catering items). Be sure to grab some of their ribs.
  • El Camion – A taco truck, they’ll be serving up Mexican cuisine goodness.
  • Dante’s Inferno Dogs – Announced yesterday, Dante’s will provide their hot dogs.

Karen Robinson of Seattle Magazine wrote up some good stuff about the Mobile Chowdown and even touched on the trivia contest that they’ve been having about the event. So be sure to follow the status of Mobile Chowdown on their Twitter and their Facebook event page, this should be a fun event! Be sure to bring cash and an empty stomach. See you in the parking lot this Saturday from 11am to 3pm for the Mobile Chowdown.

Skillet Streetfood’s new location


UPDATE – That was fast. Less than two months after opening, Skillet’s walk-up window has closed. KOMO’s Julien Perry with the lowdown.

There was a bit of news that came in with a whisper last month. It came from one of Seattle’s leading purveyors of streetfood. Here it is: Skillet Streetfood has opened up a walk-up window. No more chasing Skillet’s Airstreams throughout the city. No need to go out of your way for lunch. Skillet is stationary. And it’s pretty cool.

I’ve been a bit reticent to write about Skillet. Really, what else can I add to the food conversation about them? They’ve been written about both locally and nationally. Lots and lots of people line up by the dozens for the chance to have their food. They’ve been around for years now, before Seattle really had a streetfood scene (thankfully that is changing). Many people consider them to have the best burgers and fries in town. And now there is a spot where we’ll be sure of Skillet’s location everyday.

Skillet’s new walk-up window is pretty cool for a few reasons, let’s list them out:

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Eastlake’s Tako Truk

Tako board

If there is one thing that the Seattle food scene is lacking, it’s a variety of good streetfood sources. Take Skillet out of the equation and we’re left with gut trucks and hot dog stands. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s not enough. Look at Portland – they have an abundance of choices, and I’ve enjoyed what I had on a recent visit. That’s why this article by The Stranger’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee is pretty cool. It’s great that folks are being proactive about the streetfood scene in Seattle. What’s even cooler is that a new streetfood spot has already opened up and is flying completely under the radar. Say hello to Tako Truk.

Early in May, my friend Bryan sent me a message to talk about a new food tip. A friend wanting to talk about food? Of course I’ll call him back! I’ve known Bryan for about 20 years now and it’s great to have a friend that you can really talk about food with. That’s why I was very curious to see what was in store.

He mentioned that he was opening a new taco stand with his friend Cormac in the spirit of a streetfood stand. The name? Tako Truk. But they wanted to do something different; interesting, creative, and delicious food. Stuff that the Seattle food scene isn’t really doing. Bryan and Cormac had a mutual love of streetfood; it could be in Mexico, Vietnam, New York, wherev – they just loved the vibe and feel of being in a city and indulging in some good food. So armed with this, they were ready to do their spin on things. Oh yeah, his friend Cormac Mahoney? He’s the same dude that also happened to be the former chef at Sitka & Spruce. Streetfood, good chef pedigree, and tacos? I’m down.

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