Sunday Lamb Roast at the Seattle Wine Outlet

This Sunday the Seattle Wine Outlet is having another one of their awesome roasts. It’ll be this Sunday, 10/5 from 11am – 5pm at Wine Outlet’s Interbay location on Elliott. Richard Kinssies says that this is the last one of the year. For the grand finale, it’s a lamb roast. And it’s free. Yup I’m going.

This will be the third roast that I’ve been to this year; all have been great. Fun environment, great deals on wine, and good food. The first was a pig roast in March. I particularly enjoyed this one because their pork was from Kau Kau. Holla. We’ve talked about the second roast in July with Copper River salmon, and how awesome it was. I learned some BBQ tips from the chef and had fun tasting the wine pairings. Now this time it’s a lamb roast. Lamb’s flavors are perfect for a lot of red wines; Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Merlot come to mind. Good thing Richard will be having Merlot on special! So yes, make sure to sign up for Wine Outlet’s mailing list so you’re always in the know for these cool events.

These roasts are super fun, and it’s awfully nice of Richard to host them; free food and good wine deals are always appreciated. So bring your appetite, bring your friends, and bring your love of wine to the Wine Outlet this Sunday – you will not be disappointed!

Photo by Harold Hollingsworth

Picnic Point

Looking up info on Phinney Ridge we found Picnic, a new food and wine boutique along the main strip of Phinney. Food, wine and new? Of course we had to visit!

Walking into Picnic you’ll notice that they have a wall of wine, a seating area, and their glass case full of goodies. The space is nice and you could see that the design was well thought out. We looked into the case and noticed something curious that we had to ask about; it was housemade pork rillette. My tastebuds started to flutter; rillettes are the most awesomest spread ever. They are a type of meat that are cooked in their own fat and allowed to solidify. Spread it over a baguette and you’re on the verge of being a bonafide Francophile. It’s rad.

As we spent more time in Picnic we were able to talk with Jenny, one of the owners of Picnic along with her husband Anson. Today was the opening day of Picnic and you could see their excitement and exasperation connected with opening their own business. With a background in food, Jenny and Anson will surely bring great things to the neighborhood.

Jenny noted that Picnic will have an assortment of stuff; fresh pastas, to-go food, wine tastings, and more. She mentioned how they’ll focus on Northwest wines, but also introducing cool wines from places like Austria. Jenny also said that they’ll be having a tasting in October with O’Shea Scarborough, and for November it will Tertulia Cellars. Will definitely go to that one as Tertulia’s Viognier is awesome.

Go visit Picnic and partake in the goodies that Anson and Jenny have in store for us! Grab some salumi and or cheese and maybe grab some wine! Your ascension towards food enlightment will love it.

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Oyster Happy Hour at Whole Foods



This afternoon, went out to lunch with my mom. She’s never been to Whole Foods’ SeaSmoke Cafe, so we went there to partake in their meats and seafood. Of course it was good, but we also found out about a really cool event that Whole Foods is having for this Tuesday.

Go to the cafe up front Tuesday 9/30 for Oyster Happy Hour from 6-8pm. The deal is 50¢ per oyster, $3 for half dozen, and $6 for a dozen. Deal! Inspired by the event on Tuesday we grabbed some oysters too. Gold Creek, Kumamoto, and Kushi. The Gold Creek were a little briny, the Kumamoto were sweet, and the Kushi (my personal favorite) were creamy. It’s amazing how oysters can have such different flavors.

Head down to the Whole Foods on Westlake and Denny Tuesday and get full on bivalves! They’ll also have some other foods and drink specials, so indulge, imbibe, and enjoy!

BBQ for me and you.

Everyone has food that they love unconditionally. Something you grew up with and will always love. For me that is Kau Kau’s BBQ pork.

One could find BBQ pork (or char sui) at innumerable places in Seattle’s ID, but to me, Kau Kau is where it’s at. I think it’s the best in Seattle. I grew up having it! When I was a kid, I remember two things that my dad would bring for my brother and I: King Cafe’s shu mai and Kau Kau’s BBQ pork.

The BBQ pork at Kau Kau is pretty much food perfection. Moist, succulent, sweet, tons of flavor. The pieces that have a hit of char on them? Those are great too! Plus, you can get an order of BBQ pork and rice for a little over five bucks! Cheap eats at its finest!

As we live in a world were so much changes around us, getting to eat the stuff that made you love food in the first place is so important to hold onto. So thanks Kau Kau for bringing us one of the singular best things our city offers. (And don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to Swish (II), their huge fish while you’re there.)


Kau Kau Barbeque Market on Urbanspoon

Bakery gem in White Center – Salvadorean Bakery

White Center probably wouldn’t be one of the first places to find a food gem, but at the corner of 17th and Roxbury lies the Salvadorean Bakery & Restaurant. I’m glad I went because I really, really enjoy baked goods, and they have some of the best in Seattle.

The outside of the Salvadorean Bakery is very nondescript. Inside there’s a small shop and a decent sized dining room. But the counter of baked goods is where it’s at; a glowing example of the greatness of carbs. There’s the usual fare; cookies, cakes, breads, etc., which are all good. But there is a ton of really unique stuff that’s worth trying. They even had Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite: churros! Definitely get the Salvadorean Quesadilla; an awesome little cake (not a tortilla most are used to). The texture is rad; the crisp edges and buttery goodness rock. Get one of these. Get one of everything! The prices are great!

But it’s not just the bakery that’s exciting: the lunch and dinner items are quite alluring. Folks love the pupupas; I will definitely have to try those when I go back. It really is a great place to grab something to eat. And don’t just take my word for it, there have been a lot of great articles on this place.

Go out and discover places that could surprise you. White Center has these places, and there are more out there; I can’t wait to find them.

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Doughy goodness

The Pike Place Market is a mecca for food lovers. One could explore and discover great produce, seafood, cheese, coffee, and restaurants; the places to see at the market are limitless. Filled with nooks and crannies, Pike Place Market is deserving of exploration, next time you go definitely explore. This is how we stumbled on Michou’s Bomboloni.

Michou is quietly tucked away in the Soames-Dunn Building of the Market; they have this doughy drop of heaven called Bomboloni. Slightly denser than a doughnut but you’ll get the same satisfaction from it. Definitely filling. And the cinnamon sugar dusting is always a crowd-pleaser. We each got one and know that it’ll be something we’ll grab on the run down the road. Skip past the mini-donut place and definitely go here.

The folks at Michou have all sorts of other stuff from baked goods to Mediterranean fare. And a great fresh squeezed lemonade too. The sandwiches are really good, I grabbed the turkey-bacon. As with any good sandwich, it’s defined by its bread, and Michou comes through. Definitely partake in the bomboloni though.

And that sense of discovery? We found it in a little courtyard tucked in the back. It felt like a little oasis in the Market. Down the steps from Post Alley. That little area also houses Sabra’s and Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar.

Go out and explore your Pike Place Market, you’ll be glad you did.

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àMaurice is aMazing.


Earlier this year we went to a Winemaker Dinner at The WAC celebrating the wines of àMaurice. A big reason why we went is because one of us knew the winemaker, Anna Schafer. We had a great time getting to know Anna and tasting her wines created a fondness for àMaurice that most of us carry to this day. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were making a table wine.

Based in Walla Walla, àMaurice is creating some exciting stuff or as Stephen Tanzer mentioned at Art of the Table “… àMaurice was a surprising and exciting winery…. ” Very cool. They make awesome wines, ranging from Malbec to Merlot, Viognier to Chardonnay, and more.

So imagine my surprise this week when I went to the Uptown Metropolitan Market and noticed a white table wine from them called “Pour Me”. Table wines are usually a blend of grapes and have a lot of flavor that’s pretty front and center. In this case Pour Me is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Chardonnay. And Pour Me clocks in at under $15. Sold!

We were excited to try it, because we knew Anna’s talent and the quality of vine that àMaurice plays with. When we tasted it, Pour Me exceeded our expectations. A pretty full body with good acidity and evident fruit; this was a really nice wine. And it had a great finish! Creamy and lush: malolactic fermentation perhaps? This is a really fun wine. Definitely as good as some Washington whites at twice its price.

Another cool thing about Pour Me is that it’s a Metropolitan Market exclusive. In other words, once they’re sold out, you’ve missed your chance. You’ve been properly warned; get yours.

A taste of the Caribbean in the land of the Scandinavian

As mentioned on the excellent MyBallard blog, Paseo has recently opened along Shilshole. If you’re familiar with the Paseo location in Fremont you know how popular this place can be. It’s great to know that there is a second location in Seattle to get your fill on Paseo’s sublime Midnight Cuban sandwich, and other goodies like their chicken and prawns.

Go now! You’ll love it! Couple of tips; grab lots of napkins, things can get messy. And bring cash. The prices are great, so twenty or thirty bucks should be good for two. Also, don’t be disappointed if down the road, they’ll be closed when they’d normally be open. The folks at Paseo Fremont like to take vacations. And they close early when they run out of food. Which is often.

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Eats in August

Seattle’s food scene is one of the best in the country. I don’t have much proof to that statement, but I don’t really think I’m going out on a limb with it. From our restaurants to the local ingredients and Washington wine, we have a distinct culture of food here that should to be explored and appreciated. And along those lines are some really cool events in the coming weeks that Seattle foodies would be proud of.

In the batter’s box is Pike Place Market’s Sunset Supper. This event happens on Friday, August 15th from 7:30 to 11pm. After the market closes, some of our finest restaurants in Seattle occupy the stands in the market to do their thing. What’s also cool is that it benefits the Market Foundation. Prices are $85 or $125, and get your tickets here. Bring your appetite! Seattlest had a great write up on the event, check it out.

On deck is the Pig & Pipes event in Ballard on August 23. On that particular Saturday, the Olde Pequliar will be hosting this really cool event. As the name implies there will be two roasted pigs on the menu and the pipes portion will be coming from the bagpipes. Holla. This event will be supporting Seattle’s Bravest, a charity to support the Seattle Fire Department. I found out about it on Nancy Leson’s wonderful All You Can Eat blog. The event is $15, there’ll be drink specials, and doors open at noon. As before bring your appetite.

Waiting in the dugout is the Incredible Feast. We went last year and had an awesome time. It’s in Phinney Ridge where their Farmer’s Market normally occurs, at 67th and Phinney. This event spotlights local farmers, and some of our finest local restaurants will be using the farmer’s bounty in their offerings. The Incredible Feast has been going for a few years now, and was started by Brasa‘s own Tamara Murphy. She wanted to make sure that local farmers got their due and this event is the result. It’ll be on Sunday, August 24 from 4:30 to 7:30, and it’s $65. Get tickets here. I don’t need to say it, but may as well; bring your appetite.

Happy eating and hope to see you getting full at one of these!


Can’t beat the real thing!

Earlier in the year, a friend tipped me off that Costco was selling Mexican Coke. This I had to try. Because Coke is so intrinsic to Mexican culture the bottlers used cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, the flavor should be better. I knew I had to try it.

And now I’m a convert. It’s so much better and it’s now my mission to inform anyone I know the gift of Mexican Coca-Cola. Think of it like this; imagine growing up and only knowing frozen yogurt. It’s good, you like it, but you don’t know there is something different out there and it’s better. Ice cream. That is the jump I notice with Mexican coke to the stuff we normally get.

The flavor is so much deeper. Softer and not as harsh on the palate. The carbonation is restrained and you won’t feel like burping instantly. Another cool thing is that it actually has a smell! And it’s rad! It reminds me of fresh cinnamon rolls, very pleasing and smooth. It’s just a better product!

I highly suggest you make your way to Costco or your local Latino grocery store and pick it up in the delightfuly retro glass bottle. You can even grab it from Amazon. You’ll love it and you’ll never go back to cans or plastic bottles.

Life tastes Good. With Mexican Coca-Cola.