Get Figgins on your wine radar

Figgins courtesy of CellarTracker

This post originally appeared on Seattlest.

Mailing lists are an interesting and quirky part of the winery/consumer relationship. You want to get on them for the access and perks. The big guys, like Leonetti, have the clout and know you want to get on the list and keep a Mordor-level entrance wall to control who gets through. In some cases, it can take years of waiting to even sniff one. Which is why it’s interesting to have an opportunity to get on the ground floor of a winery, bypass the waiting list, and get in line for some wine. Which is one of the reasons why wine drinkers are excited for Figgins, the new wine from the folks that brought you Leonetti Cellars.

It’s fair to say that Leonetti Cellars is in the upper pinnacle of Washington wine. So when they do something new, like Figgins, it’s worth noticing. My first alert of this venture was through a newsletter update from the Figgins family last year. It was from Chris Figgins, CEO and Winemaker for Leonetti, and it highlighted their excitement for Figgins and their cattle company, Lostine Cattle Co. Both were exciting, but for wine people, the news about Figgins was more so.

So when the update came that FIGGINS (they went all caps) would be available next month, I was all in. They say that the wine will be a varietal blend from a single vineyard of estate grown grapes. They mention that it’s a parcel of land that is special in their eyes and will let them make a wine of Old World style and ethos. Okay then. Featuring Bordeaux varietals, it’s from a vineyard in Walla Walla with a soil comprised of silt. The notion of terroir is decidedly French, it’s a romanticized ideal of being able to taste a sense of place. That soil and place will come through in the wine; this is a goal of Figgins.

Back to that mailing list. I’m still waiting to get on the list for Leonetti. Who knows when I’ll get in with them. Which is why I’m looking forward to this new venture. Now that I know I can get in with Figgins, I can get Leonetti quality in a new brand. It may not be ‘Leonetti’, but Figgins is likely made by the same people, from grapes they select, and with a similar mentality. For those curious oenophiles, click away to get added to the list. The wine is released next month and I’m sure the Figgins people are excited to see what the demand will be. Crossing fingers that the supply will suffice.