Top Chef Auditions in Seattle

Calling all budding chefs; the folks at Bravo are going to roll back into town for more auditions for their Top Chef brand. They’ll be searching for talent to fill their flagship show, Top Chef, and their pastry focused, Top Chef Desserts.

When Top Chef was last in Seattle, the auditions were at Canlis. And the local beat covered it with aplomb. In prep of getting the word out for this round of auditions the good folks at Seattle Weekly delve into more info about it here.

If you think you have the skill and thespian ability to be the next cheftestant, get your chef’s whites ready, figure out your on-camera persona, and grab your spatulas for these auditions. Until then, I’ll finish up with this season of Top Chef All-Stars. I’m still annoyed that Jennifer Carroll was kicked off. My money is on Richard Blais now. So if you’re ready to be the next Michael Voltaggio or Yigit Pura, get yourself down to Hotel 1000 on Wednesday March 9, 2011 from 10am – 2pm. I think I may swing by on my lunchbreak to check out the scene. And if you are auditioning, best get to crackin’ on that application (PDF); word off the street says it’s a doozy.

Photo courtesy of Bravo Media LLC and the AJC

2 thoughts on “Top Chef Auditions in Seattle

  1. Im wondering why Brian Walczyk hasn’t gotten on this show. I think it’s time that guy gets some air time! He would probably do really well in the competition too!

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