Queen Anne’s Icebox Grocery

For a funky little neighborhood gem, you can’t really get much better than Queen Anne’s Icebox Grocery. We mentioned the Icebox a long time ago as part of the 10th Ave microhood it shares with Muse Coffee Co, Red Square Yoga, and Le Visage. However, this Icebox Grocery is different and fresh; with new owners, a new layout, and new offerings, the neighborhood has a new option for good eats.

The Icebox has always been a great spot to grab some last minute essentials. I would often make a quick run to grab some flour, chicken stock, and most importantly when we were out of butter (the horror…). So when the new owners bought the space, it was exciting to see what they had in store and how they would place their own spin on it. On the subject of the new owners, they come to us as the original owners of Ballard’s beloved breakfast spot, The Dish, which means tasty food is definitely in play.

And their food is quite good. We’ve gone several times and have enjoyed ourselves each time. The last trip involved an excellent shrimp po’ boy sandwich. Perfectly fried shrimp in a rich, tangy tartar sauce, all housed in a roll from Macrina Bakery. On another trip, it was a bold Reuben sandwich with their house salad. Other menu items of note; waffles, their hot salami sandwich, and they serve beer. Keep an eye on their daily specials, we’ve had their breakfast burrito and that aforementioned po’ boy was one.

So when the mood strikes for a good neighborhood sandwich spot, or when disaster strikes and you’re out of butter, head to the Icebox Grocery. Then lament the fact that your neighborhood doesn’t have something like it. Fortunately for those on the west slope of Queen Anne, we do.

Icebox Grocery on Urbanspoon

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