Decision ’10: Dick’s Drive-In and Marination

We’re in the midst of another election period. Votes will be cast and like any election, there will be a hard-luck loser and a winner. However, what makes this ballot stuffing experience different is that we are dealing in the world of local food, not local politics. Some big decisions are ahead for two local favorites and your voice needs to be heard. Because if the breaks go the right way, Dick’s Drive-In and Marination will have a decidedly different future.

Photo from Trip Advisor

First up, is the big decision ahead for Dick’s Drive-In. We’ve touched on the cultural impact that Dick’s has in Seattle, and the latest development for the local burger fave is their first new drive-in restaurant in over 30 years. Two nights ago, news releases announced the big decision for Dick’s to expand. It breaks down like this; Dick’s is putting it to a vote for where they should open up their sixth location. But that’s where it’s nebulous, they are regions:

  • North – Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Edmonds, South Everett
  • South – West Seattle, South Seattle, Renton, Burien, SeaTac, Tukwila
  • Eastside – Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish

Well, dear reader, I’m casting my vote to the North end and here is why; I’m an unabashed Northender. I grew up there and understand the draw that a place like Dick’s will have. A suburb like Lynnwood would actually appreciate having an institution like Dick’s. This is a biased opinion, but I would love to see a Dick’s north of 175th. I’ll draw a line in the sand and say that I don’t think a place like Dick’s would go over on the Eastside. I’m generalizing here, but the Eastside has a polish and air about it that doesn’t lend itself to greasy hamburgers. Besides, would Dick’s really want to be a part of the bridge and tunnel crowd? I’d hope not. So do the right thing and vote North, or South, but really I just don’t want to see Dick’s on the Eastside… makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Photo from Herbivoracious

Next up, is the vote to be cast Marination‘s way. This is for a contest that the Food Network is having for next season’s The Great Food Truck Race. For the contest, the Food Network is putting up to a vote which food truck should win. Fans can vote through the website or by texting. And the winning truck gets $10K and the chance to get featured in the next season. Democracy is great and may the best truck win. Which is where Marination comes in. You see, the truck in first place right now is from Oklahoma City. I’m sure they are a very nice food truck, but they are from OKC. Which means they have the stink on them, again this is a biased opinion.

As a jaded Sonics fan, I cannot stomach having something (anything) from OKC beat out something from Seattle. So that is one of the reasons why we must vote for Marination. Another is that they serve really great food and have already been anointed by Good Morning America as one of the country’s best food trucks. One more reason why you should vote for Marination is that they are the only Seattle truck within striking distance of the top (they’re currently in 5th place). Many of our other great local trucks are up for vote, but I’m backing the horse that has a shot of winning.

Here’s how to help: one way is to go to the Food Network’s site and vote for Marination. You can vote for them up to 10 times daily. The other way to vote is by texting FT44 to 66789. You can do this 10 times a day. Go vote now! What’s also very cool is that Marination will donate $5K to breast cancer research if they win. Keep up to date with Marination by following their twitter page. They also have a YouTube channel to document their daily goings on.

There you have it. Two monumental voting endeavors that directly affect the Seattle area. So do the right thing and make your voice heard. Particularly if it’s for the North end for Dick’s and Marination for the Food Network.

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