Tako Truk + Two Beers event on 3/6 to support Haiti

Early this year, word off the street (well, Twitter) was that the good folks at Tako Truk were planning an event for Saturday 3/6. Details were vague at the time, but the murmur was growing for the event. More info has come out and the purpose of the event is noble indeed. On Saturday March 6th from 1-6pm, Tako Truk is teaming up with SoDo’s Two Beers Brewing Co. to raise support for Haiti.

How will they do this? They’ll accept donations which will go towards purchasing ShelterBoxes. ShelterBox USA is a really great organization that provides kits with relief supplies. They provide these amazing boxes to those in need, so your donation will go towards getting a ShelterBox. Your minimum donation of $20 will get you four tickets towards beer and tacos. Here is how the tickets work; for one ticket, you’ll either get a beer or two tacos or some tosses in the Bad Beer Toss. So for that $20, you could get two beers and four tacos, which is pretty awesome. Plus, you’ll get good karma for helping out. The people of Haiti need it, and this event is another way to help those in need.

Some other details on the event – this should be obvious as it’s at a brewery, but it’s 21 and over. DJs will be spinning. Be sure to RSVP by emailing Tako Truk. The RSVP is to let the Tako Truk crew know how much food to prep. They’re hoping for a big crowd to increase the amount of donations, so be sure to get on the list. The MO for most of Tako Truk menus is to have three different types of tacos; one veggie, a meat of sorts (usually pork, sometimes beef, sometimes chicken), and the eponymous tako (octopus) taco. And the last detail; keep an eye on Tako Truk’s twitter feed, they’ll post updates on the fly.

When Tako Truk went into hibernation last fall, many people asked me for details on their next venture (full disclosure – Bryan of Tako Truk is a friend from high school). Well, they’ve been plotting their next steps and their event with Two Beers to support ShelterBox is one of the things they’ve got up their sleeves. Again, be sure to email the Tako Truk guys to RSVP for 3/6 and I’ll be sure to see you that afternoon for some beer and tacos.

One more thing, if you haven’t read the Adriana Grant’s Seattle Weekly’s feature on Tako Truk’s Cormac Mahoney, but sure to read them here and here. There is even a recipe on the famed coco piggy. And if you want to read what Bryan of Tako Truk is up to here is some of his stuff. Enjoy!

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