Take 2 for Seattle’s Mobile Chowdown

Seattle, are you ready? On the day after Elvis’ birthday*, be prepared for your own version of gluttony with the second installment of the Mobile Chowdown.

After the massive, runaway success of the first Mobile Chowdown in the fall, the folks at Seattle Magazine, Suzuki+Chou Communimedia, and The Freehold Group, wanted to get the band back together for another go around. And with the volume of crowds that came for the Mobile Chowdown in October, there is obviously demand for street food in Seattle. And it’s great that there is an opportunity to try these food trucks at an event specifically built for street food.

With the winter hibernation that has kicked in, we have the opportunity to eat food from vendors like Marination, Veraci Pizza, Gert’s BBQ, El Camion, amongst others. And if you haven’t heard Marination was recently crowned as the best food cart in the country by Good Morning America. Now you’ll have a chance to try their Spam sliders and kimchee rice bowl.

Tips for when you go: arrive early, be patient, bring cash, and remember that for most of these places the food is made to order. Which means a wait is as much a part of the day as the food. So while waiting, enjoy the festivities and your fellow eaters.

See you at the Chowdown, I missed the last one, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

*For those that aren’t fans of the King, that means that the Mobile Chowdown is on January 9 from 11am-3pm in the same location as the first; 1616 W. Bertona in Interbay.

Photo from Bay Area Bites

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