Menu for Hope 2009

I wanted to help spread the word on a noble goal for food and wine bloggers around the world. The program is called Menu for Hope and it’s objective is to raise donations to support the UN’s World Food Programme. Menu for Hope was started by Pim, of Chez Pim, and the level of contributed support and giving has been astounding. The program operates from December 14th to the 25th; i.e., this is the window of time to support and participate.

How can you help? Well, my friend Four Chickens has a nice succinct post that breaks down how to give to Menu for Hope. One of the cool things about this program is that, with your donation, in addition to helping the goals of the World Food Programme, you also have an opportunity to win some pretty cool raffle items. As in very awesome. Check out the list that Pim has provided. Or if you want to see the West Coast specific items, the delightful Gluten-free Girl has the scoop.

The Menu for Hope initiative ends on Christmas Day, so be sure to participate before then and check out the items that might tickle your fancy. Take pride in knowing that a little bit of giving increases tenfold to areas where food isn’t as bountiful as to what’s available stateside. I’ll be donating, hopefully you will too.

Go to the First Giving page to get started; after the jump is a rundown on how to donate from the Gluten-free Girl:

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