Skillet Streetfood’s new location


UPDATE – That was fast. Less than two months after opening, Skillet’s walk-up window has closed. KOMO’s Julien Perry with the lowdown.

There was a bit of news that came in with a whisper last month. It came from one of Seattle’s leading purveyors of streetfood. Here it is: Skillet Streetfood has opened up a walk-up window. No more chasing Skillet’s Airstreams throughout the city. No need to go out of your way for lunch. Skillet is stationary. And it’s pretty cool.

I’ve been a bit reticent to write about Skillet. Really, what else can I add to the food conversation about them? They’ve been written about both locally and nationally. Lots and lots of people line up by the dozens for the chance to have their food. They’ve been around for years now, before Seattle really had a streetfood scene (thankfully that is changing). Many people consider them to have the best burgers and fries in town. And now there is a spot where we’ll be sure of Skillet’s location everyday.

Skillet’s new walk-up window is pretty cool for a few reasons, let’s list them out:

  • The location

It’s in a super weird spot. On Fourth and Main, not exactly Pioneer Square or the International District. It’s halfway between Salumi and Tsukushinbo, so in a four block line you have three tasty lunch options. But the location is rather odd; Skillet uses the kitchen of an old club (for the thirtysomethings, you may have known it as ‘Aristocrats’). Also, this location is a bit more spacious and doesn’t have the same cramped feel as some of Skillet’s other mobile spots. Not that this is a bad thing, but you have a bit more elbow room now.

  • The menu

Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as their mobile locations, but it’s still really good. And indulgent. Skillet has all sorts of funky stuff that’s high quality and uniquely there own. They are one of the few places in town that serves poutine; a decadent concoction of french fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds. Most people come for the burger and it is pretty tasty. One of the better in the city. Plus, they do corndogs! I love corndogs, but most places only serve crappy ones that have been prebreaded. The best are hand-dipped, and that’s how Skillet does it.

Another cool thing about the walk-up window is that they serve breakfast! And the most alluring menu item is only available at this window. It’s the spiced pork belly with waffles and a fried egg. Delicious and filling. A hearty way to start the day. They also have other breakfast stuff like steel cut oats and a breakfast sammy (I wish they wouldn’t call a sammy as that conjures up Rachael Ray connotations. Ugh). The sammy is tasty; they use a good roll, ‘organic’ American cheese, bacon and a fried egg with a nice runny yolk. I found out the egg was runny while driving to work. If you eat and drive and have the sammy, have napkins at the ready.

  • The convenience

This is more of a selfish proclamation as the Skillet walk-up window is super close to my work. I love this. I’ve always wanted to go to Skillet, but their funky hours and locations didn’t have the ideal proximity for me. That is why I like the walk-up. It’s not roving. There is available street parking. Plus, I’ve yet to see it overly crowded, which is one of the tough things with the Airstreams. Those silver Twinkies are freaking packed. But I’ve been fortunate that the walk up has been pretty low-key and easy. The hours are straightforward enough: Monday through Friday 8am-10am for breakfast, 11am-2pm for lunch.

There you have it, a quick look at Skillet’s new walk-up window. A fun place to grab a bite to eat. They still have the challenges that the other Skillet locations have; it takes a long time to get your food and it isn’t that cheap. These are the two things that I think streetfood should be; affordable and fast. Also, they don’t really open on time; I’ve been by for brekki around 8:20ish to find them yet to open. This has happened more than once. Keep these things in mind when you head out, though Skillet does make up for it by being tasty and a pioneer. Enjoy your visit to Skillet and bring cash. See you in the parking lot.

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