Eating and Tweeting, Part Two

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been the most diligent of food bloggers. I’ve got topics in mind (which I’ll delve into in the coming days), but just haven’t gotten over the hump. There was factor in my world that moved me away from blogging, and it’s a topic I’ve already covered; Twitter is pretty addicting. And awesome.

When I wrote about Twitter before, it was more of a primer into the really cool people that have a pretty distinct voice in the world of food. That is still the case, but as I spent more time with the site, the more I realized that it had a vibrant and social aspect of it that I didn’t expect. Twitter has deepened my appreciation of food, but it’s also made me raise the bar into what I know and what I don’t know.

The sense of community and support within the Seattle food scene is alive and prevalent in the world of Twitter. I’ve touched on the fact that I love the local blogging community, but now that I’ve delved into the world of Twitter, the relationships and networking have been empowering and amazing. From cool events, newsbriefs, restaurant gossip, my respect and awareness of the food game has grown by leaps and bounds. For that I can thank Twitter. I love the fact that Twitter is this on-going conversation whose fabric is woven amongst so many different people.

When I tell friends about Twitter, most don’t get it, much like how people didn’t get ‘Facebook’. But the thing about the world of Twitter is that it’s a vibrant stream of cool, fun, irreverent, and informal information. There is a ton of latitude within those guidelines and it’s interesting to see how each person plays within that framework. The always-great Rebekah Denn even touched on the way that Twitter has elevated the local food scene.

If you’ve been apprehensive, don’t be! It’s a great information source and you’ll start to think that Facebook is so 2007. Enjoy Twitter and the world of food that lives on it. In fact, Mashable (a great social media resource) recently posted about the food people on Twitter with distinct and unique voices. Check it out and start following these folks. Heck, Serious Eats wrote about food bloggers on Twitter last fall, another place to listen in on the food conversation. I’ll see you Twitter soon, I’m @proncis.


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