Seattle City Stimulus: Version 2.0

This Sunday July 12, the excellent local event known as City Stimulus starts back up. The first go around was back in December, and the crew behind City Stimulus has bigger and better things in store for this summer’s local business party. I’m excited about it and from the roster of local businesses participating, I hope you will be too.

Seattle City Stimulus descended upon us as a means to support the local businesses around town that are vital to their neighborhoods. These shops, restaurants, cafes, and general Seattle tastemakers are some of the coolest and most vibrant spots in town. That’s why an event like City Stimulus is so great. It makes an event out of shopping, eating, and drinking that is even greater than those activities; it’s a part of the community.

Here is how to participate; go to their website and fill out the form to get your membership card. This is the golden ticket that gets you the deals around town. And there is quite a bounty. More than 70 shops are participating with plenty of discounts and promotions to take in; such a cool event. Plus, some of my favorite shops are participating, here is a quick roll call:

  • Anchovies & Olives
  • Goods
  • Homegrown
  • How to Cook a Wolf
  • Kuhlman
  • Licorous
  • Volunteer Park Cafe
  • ‘zaw
  • and many more

Go support these places! And then I’ll see you at the closing party at Havana on Saturday night. City Stimulus rolls from this Sunday July 12 through Saturday July 18. This summer’s version is a few days longer than the winter one, so get out, grab a drink from your neighborhood bar, and feel the karma flow by supporting the little guy.

The brilliance of burgers

In the world of food, there is much that is up for debate. Coke or Pepsi. Thin-crust or deep-dish. Cake or Pie. But if there is one thing that everyone can agree on; the humble hamburger is one of the most awesome works of food ever.

In fact, there isn’t really much I can say that can push the needle for people liking burgers more. Folks already love them. Fancy restaurants are adding them to menus. Fast food chains survive on them. Backyard cookouts depend on them. The love for burgers is universal and I think it’s cool that there is one food that everyone adores. In fact, hamburgers are so dependable and beloved it’s one of foods that we know we can always turn to.

But not on to rest on my laurels, I thought it would be fun to share some of the really cool things about burgers that I’ve read and discovered in the past few weeks. Below are three cool storylines pertaining to the world of burgers:

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