Ben and Jerry’s Flipped Out

Ben & Jerry’s is blowing my mind right now. Did my check up on the latest cool food news that Serious Eats drops on us, and they shared this bit of info about the latest from the good ice cream folks in Vermont. Basically, Ben & Jerry’s is starting to make some in carton sundaes as their latest product. But it’s not just the product that’s cool; their entire marketing campaign is freaking awesome. This new treat is called Flipped Out and I’m on board.

In learning more about Flipped Out, I was pointed to Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page. They had a little page dedicated to Flipped Out. On it, they talked about the new flavors that are a part of this launch; Vanilla Fudge Brownie, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. What’s funky about Flipped Out is that it’s a contained sundae. When you open the lid you’ll see a layer of brownies, then the ice cream, and then fudge! Will this contribute to America’s weight problem? Absolutely. Will that stop me? No! You can either start your ice cream attack, or follow the Flipped Out lead and push out the ice cream like suggested.

While digging even deeper, I learned of the marketing that Ben & Jerry is executing for Flipped Out. And it’s quite the plan. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. First off, they’re Facebook page has this quirky little application that flips the text upside down! In fact, check out their twitter to see some examples. It’s crazy.

Also (and this is where it gets cool), the Flipped Out truck is on a nationwide tour doing its thing and giving out ice cream! To quote them, ‘it will be unflipping believable!’ Here is the line-up of where they’ll be. In fact, RSVP via their Facebook to get in on the action.

  • 6/27-28 – Brooklyn, NY – McCarren Park (27th), Prospect Park (28th)
  • 7/2-5 – Rothbury, MI – Rothbury Music Festival
  • 7/11-13 – Seattle, WA – Victor Steinbrueck Park (11th), Seward Park (12th), Westlake Park (13th)
  • 7/15 – Portland, OR – Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • 7/18-22 – San Francisco, CA – Union Square (18th), Golden Gate Park (19th), Justin Herman Plaza (21-22)

There you have it. The perpetual greatness of Ben & Jerry’s continues this summer. I’ll be sure to be at the Seattle stops. Next up is to go to the store and load up on this stuff.

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