Eastlake’s Tako Truk

Tako board

If there is one thing that the Seattle food scene is lacking, it’s a variety of good streetfood sources. Take Skillet out of the equation and we’re left with gut trucks and hot dog stands. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s not enough. Look at Portland – they have an abundance of choices, and I’ve enjoyed what I had on a recent visit. That’s why this article by The Stranger’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee is pretty cool. It’s great that folks are being proactive about the streetfood scene in Seattle. What’s even cooler is that a new streetfood spot has already opened up and is flying completely under the radar. Say hello to Tako Truk.

Early in May, my friend Bryan sent me a message to talk about a new food tip. A friend wanting to talk about food? Of course I’ll call him back! I’ve known Bryan for about 20 years now and it’s great to have a friend that you can really talk about food with. That’s why I was very curious to see what was in store.

He mentioned that he was opening a new taco stand with his friend Cormac in the spirit of a streetfood stand. The name? Tako Truk. But they wanted to do something different; interesting, creative, and delicious food. Stuff that the Seattle food scene isn’t really doing. Bryan and Cormac had a mutual love of streetfood; it could be in Mexico, Vietnam, New York, wherev – they just loved the vibe and feel of being in a city and indulging in some good food. So armed with this, they were ready to do their spin on things. Oh yeah, his friend Cormac Mahoney? He’s the same dude that also happened to be the former chef at Sitka & Spruce. Streetfood, good chef pedigree, and tacos? I’m down.

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