Seattle Cheese Festival – May 16 and 17

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and you love cheese, you’d be hard pressed to find something cooler or more fun than the Seattle Cheese Festival at Pike Place Market. I’d highly suggest going.

Seattle’s venerable Pike Place Market will be hosting the 5th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival this. It’s spread over Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17 and it’ll be a blast. I’ve gone to a couple of events in the past and have always had a really good time. The organizers have outdone themselves by having some cool stuff going on besides sampling the over 200 local, regional, and international cheese producers. There will be a fresh mozzarella making demonstration put on by DeLaurenti. Awesome. There will also chef demos throughout the weekend. Rad. And be sure to donate a couple of bucks when you’re at the Cheese Concourse; it goes to a Cheese Scholarship!

The Seattle area is predicted to get some really nice weather over the weekend, so you should make your way down to Pike Place Market with an empty stomach, ready to indulge and binge on cheese. And be patient! Pike Place Market is already busy and this event will have people coming in droves. Which means the likelihood of seeing socks with sandals and Crocs are especially high. It’ll be crowded and you’ll stand in line for cheese, but it’s all in good fun. My suggestion; truly explore the depths and nuances of Pike Place Market. Spend half an hour at Golden Age Collectibles. Walk around visit a cheese booth every now and then. Check out the craft booths. Have some more cheese. Pretty much take it all in, exhale, have a good time and enjoy being in the culinary heartbeat of our fine city.

Photo courtesy of Omar Delacruz

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