Urban Eats around Seattle

You may have (or have not) heard, but Urban Eats is going on around town. What is Urban Eats? A great chance at dining deals at area restaurants. It’s another prix fixe party, and in these tough economic times, a good deal is always something worth checking out.

Urban Eats is brought to us by Seattletimes.com and rolls through May 31, Sunday through Thursday with the exclusion of Mother’s Day. 49 restaurants are taking part (49!) and they spread throughout King County from Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah and all over Seattle. If you’ve wanted to explore some new restaurants now’s a good time. And they have a contest for $100 to one of the restaurants!

The deals break down like this; you get three courses for $30. It’ll cover an appetizer, entree, and dessert. There will usually be a vegetarian option too. The promotion doesn’t include drinks or tips, but 30 bucks at some of our finer restaurants is quite a deal. Plus, most of these restaurants are small local places that help enrich the community. Always support local businesses!

For places to go here are my picks. They are based on my past history of the restaurants, what I think they are capable of, and why I think they deserve a visit.

  • Brasa – I’m a big fan of Tamara Murphy and her flagship Brasa is a standard bearer of a restaurant in Belltown. She’s recently renovated the Elliott Bay Cafe, but Brasa is her baby. The vibe is Mediterranean and I really like the layout of the space. Sprawling, but not at all large. You will have a great time at Brasa. The menu for Urban Eats looks delicious.
  • Tidbit – On the north end of Broadway lies Tidbit, a restaurant inspired by the food of Italy and Spain. We went a bit ago and had a great time. Lovely service, delicious food, and a fun environment; this is the type of restaurant all neighborhoods wished they had around the corner. And they have a Twitter feed where they drop all sorts of great factoids. Here is their menu for Urban Eats; I want to try everything.
  • Tilikum Place Cafe – I’ve only visited for brunch, but I loved it. One word could describe the Tilikum Place Cafe; charming. The vibe of the place feels super comfortable and welcoming; I look forward to going back. At the corner of Fifth and Denny nearing Cedar, this restaurant is already one of the coolest in town. Hit ’em up at a budget while you can.

Those are my three recommended places. There are several others that I have yet to check out, and I think Urban Eats will be a good excuse to do so. They include: Enotria, Portage, and Taberna del Alabardero. And there are some old stand-bys not to be overlooked. If anything, go to the Ivar’s locations for the views alone; either the Waterfront’s Acres of Clams or Lake Union’s Salmon House.

As you can see you have a ton of options to get a good meal for 30 bucks. I’ll be hitting up these places. And as always; see you around the table.

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