Wallingford’s Joule

One of the things that I love about food is when it’s fun and has the ability to surprise. I’ve mentioned this before in other posts, but when these two things are in play, really cool things happen. What happens when a restaurant achieves both of these things and knocks my socks off? Say hello to a recent visit to Joule.

Joule is found in Wallingford along 45th and Burke, and comes to us from chef/owners Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang. Wallingford has exploded into a food destination, with Molly Moon’s, Trophy Cupcakes, Tilth, Bizzarro Italian Cafe, and Joule – the folks of Wallingford have quite the assortment of choices. Joule fits the bill as a great place that makes food fun and surprises me beyond what I expect. Even with my high expectations, Seif and Rachel exceeded them.

I was reminded to visit Joule based off some recent press that they’ve been receiving. First of which was a recent Wall Street Journal article talking about how Korean food is the next cool cuisine. This was really neat because they put a spotlight on Joule. But they don’t just serve Korean food, they also have strong elements of French and seasonality that are also in play. It’s still not that often for Seattle places to catch the WSJ’s eye, so it was great to see Joule.

My second reminder about Joule came from a few recent tweets by the Gastronaut, Jay Friedman. Jay’s a great writer and he has introduced me to all sorts of food gems in Seattle (hello Tsukushinbo!). But with Joule as his favorite restaurant on Seattle, I was hooked. I’m always intrigued when ‘favorite’ is used as a descriptor, so we were looking forward to revisiting Joule to tee it up again in the category of Seattle’s best.

Here are my three cool things about Joule:

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