Dining Out For Life – Thursday 4/30

Thursday 4/30 is Dining Out For Life, a great day of dining that puts the spotlight on a good cause, HIV and AIDS service organizations. Dining Out Lor Life is an annual event and it is super easy to support. Just go out to eat and drink!

Here in Seattle, our support will go towards Lifelong AIDS Alliance, the Northwest’s leading AIDS service organization. Thursday will be a day where participating area restaurants set aside 30% of your bill to go directly towards Lifelong AIDS Alliance. And almost all of the participating restaurants are locally owned spots that enrich their neighborhood. The locations vary from coffeeshops to white tablecloth restaurants, so please support.

The always excellent Nancy Leson even had a fun little game with the participating Dining Out For Life restaurants. She broke the participating businesses down to places she hasn’t been and would like to visit, places she hasn’t visited in awhile, and places she visits often. Pretty cool. Here’s mine:

  • Been never – Deluxe Bar & Grill; Restaurant Zoe; Smith; Sutra
  • Been a minute – Bizarro Italian Cafe; Cafe Presse; McMenamin’s
  • Been often – Palace Kitchen; Quinn’s; Red Mill Burgers

The point is to go out for a good cause! Tons of great choices across all budgets and styles to tickle your fancy. Dining Out For Life is an event across the country and into Canada, so lend your appetite to AIDS support organizations. As I’ve said often; see you around the table.

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