Dinner at Cascina Spinasse

There are a slew of restaurants around town that have the blogging world in a collective swoon. These are places that draw an opinion one way or the other, but generally they are well liked. If not, folks are only trying to stem the tide to be different. Not exactly novel, but bloggers are an interesting lot. What’s my point? That there are restaurants that are so hip, so interesting, and so, so very good, that the food community has taken a look and realize that they love it. One of those places in Seattle is Capitol Hill’s Cascina Spinasse. Don’t believe me? Check out the role call on their Urbanspoon page; Cascina Spinasse is blowin’ up.

We went on a beautiful Monday evening in Seattle. The vibe at Spinasse was great; a rolling hum to the room that was mostly full, the soft breeze kicking in; it all helped make for a nice night for dinner. Stepping into Spinasse, you’ll notice the tables and decor. There are about five tables with three of those set up for communal dining and a bar with seats for about 10. We also really liked the layout and design; for being a relatively new restaurant it has a very ‘lived in’ feel. It felt like I was in an Italian kitchen. Bear in mind, I’ve never been in an actual Italian kitchen, but the fixtures, design, even the candles had a very welcoming feel.

This is all great, but a restaurant’s calling card is it’s food and Spinasse does Italian really well. One of the early things that folks may notice is the open kitchen. You’ll see a massive table where the chef Justin Neidermeyer will be rolling out pasta. This is where Spinasse stands out. They do all of their pastas fresh daily with chef Neidermeyer personally working with his pasta dough. But it’s not just pasta that makes the menu stand out, there are all sorts of other intriguing and exciting dishes on it too. From the antipasti’s, to the primi’s (the pasta), to the secondi (entrees), you’ll find at least one thing in each area that you’ll want to try. The food and buzz at Spinasse was so loud that even folks from LA had to make the trek to our corner and take Spinasse for a spin.

Here are my three really cool things about Cascina Spinasse:

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