Going for Seconds at Taste Washington

This weekend was the Washington Wine Association’s Taste Washington. Basically it’s like Disneyland for wine snobs and wine geeks like myself. Broken down over the course of two days, industry people from all over come to Seattle. There were parties galore throughout the weekend, industry seminars on Saturday, and then the grand tasting on Sunday at Qwest Field Event Center. I was in wine heaven at the tasting and my purple stained teeth are able to live to tell about it.

We started our wine weekend by going to a wine tasting party put on by the good folks at Winefoot.com, Wino Magazine, and Mutineer Magazine. Always fun to be around wine people and these folks really love wine. People who feel that the juice of the grapes, the soil of the vineyards are part of their soul. Yeah, lots of people say they love wine, but to have rearranged their lives for it – they get wine. We enjoyed our wine talks with Mike Sharidan of Northwest Totem Cellars and Jason Domanico of Domanico Cellars. Will keep an eye on both of these wineries.

The Grand Tasting is the big deal of Taste Washington. You’ll be able to imbibe in hundreds of wineries, stuff your face at dozens of restaurants, and learn about the Washington wine industry. If you have any interest in any part of the world of wine you’ll be able to cater to that interest, that is what’s really cool. It’s like a massive buffet focused on wine; but instead of mediocre food, you have all you can eat and drink of top quality stuff. Woot.

After the hop are my highlights of Taste Washington.

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