Eating and Tweeting

There is only one place in the world where you can follow the exploits of some of the greatest food people in the world, celebrities, and your friends; Twitter. That’s right , the social network of microbloggers has officially tipped into mainstream culture and Twitter is another resource for food lovers to get their fix of food information, gossip, recipes, whatever. Heck, I’m on twitter and am absolutely addicted to it.

Twitter celebrated its third anniversary recently, and they have been growing at the rate of a pubescent teenager. I’ve been aware of Twitter for awhile, but never really dove headfirst. Now I wonder what took me so long to get into it. True, it can be a timesink, but in the proper light and to be cognizant of the content on the site, it’s a great resource of information.

Take for the instance the way that the world of food and wine has embraced Twitter. You can follow the thoughts and musings of people like Ruth Reichl, Christoper Kimball, and Natalie MacLean to see what is going in their head and how they put their thoughts into 140 characters!

And on a local front, you can read the tweets of prominent food writters; Leslie Kelly formerly of the Seattle PI, Allison Scheff of Seattle Magazine, Jon Kauffman of the Seattle Weekly. And most every blogger whom I enjoy reading are on Twitter; The Gastronaut, Seattle Food Geek, and the Frantic Foodie. Plus, wine people are everywhere! I particularly like Wine Peeps, and Wine Twits, amongst a host of others.

Another thing I like on the local front of Twitter is that several businesses have used it to announce sales and promotions. One of my favorites is the charming Tidbit Bistro on the north end of Broadway. A few days ago they provided 30% off to folks who mentioned that they heard about the deal on Twitter. Awesome.

This is what I love about Twitter. It’s one massively huge arena where you can learn about your favorite chefs and favorite subjects. It’s a one stop shop of information. The sharing and weaving of conversations is mesmerizing and never ceases to amaze me. And the level of personality truly shines with each Tweets. Grant Achatz is very introspective, where he ponders what food boundaries he can expand on. Poignant for a chef that is so creative. Cakespy loves her baked goods and her sweet tooth is evident from her Tweets.

Basically enjoy the access to information that is available to us. It really is the best place to find out what’s going in the world this very second. Sign up and you’ll be Tweeting in no time.

2 thoughts on “Eating and Tweeting

  1. I have been holding off and indignantly avoiding tweeter despite the hype. I think I’m mostly afraid of furthering my online “timesink.”

    But if it’s good enough for Frank, I will take it into consideration. For serious.

  2. I have to say, I really like your blog.
    In a time when there are so many blogs around, it is harder to stand out. This blog is really unique with lots of work put into it and I know sometimes bloggers go unnoticed so BRAVO!

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