Homegrown – new sandwich shop in Fremont

There is a new entry to the stretch of Fremont Ave’s restaurant row: Homegrown. What is it? A great little sandwich shop that will fit nicely into the aesthetic and vibe of Fremont.

Located in Sonic Boom’s old spot, Homegrown fits nicely amongst the others for those looking to grab a bit to eat. With Tawon Thai, Yak’s Teriyaki, Blue C Sushi, and Lucky Pho a part of the group, Homegrown provides the sandwich portion to the plot of land between 34th and 35th. It’s like a United Nations of food for Seattle-ites to love.

Got the first heads up on Homegrown in a DailyCandy email that was forwarded to me the day they opened. Gotta love that girlie email for all the tidbits of info they drop. And Homegrown does have a lot of interesting aspects to it. First off, they are a great sandwich shop. Secondly, they follow strict guidelines to be organic, local, and sustainable. Lastly, the energy, decor, and vibe of the place fall into place naturally. Add all of these things together and you have a great place to grab a good sandwich where it feels like it’s already part of the fabric of Fremont.

Stepping in you’ll see the north wall that lists the menu and all of the relevant details. Homegrown does hot and cold sandwiches, salads, a kids menu, soup and a few sides. For the sandwiches we grabbed the grilled cheese and flank steak. We also tried the crab cake salad too. I enjoyed the salad, because all the components (greens, fennel and apple slaw with dill, and vinaigrette) were in great balance with the warm crab cake.

And the sandwiches were delicious! The grilled cheese captured gourmet points with its melty gruyere, Beecher’s flagship, a hit of mustard and aioli, and carmelized onions – well executed and my tastebuds appreciated it. The flank steak was a work of art. The interaction with the steak, portabello, blue cheese, caramelized onion, and chimichurri were perfect. Nothing overpowered the other, and with ingredients like those it’s easy to go overboard. This is definitely something to order.

Another thing that I enjoyed at Homegrown was that while you knew it was a sandwich shop that truly aims for sustainability, it doesn’t try to wallop you over the head with it. Part of their chalkboard indicates where their food comes from and whether it is organic and sustainable, but the actual menu doesn’t peddle the information as I’m sure you’ve seen on menus around town. This is my impression of course, but I think the folks at Homegrown just want you to enjoy a really good sandwich, which happens to be made with quality ingredients.

A word to the wise though – if you’re looking for Homegrown on the web, make sure to enter their ‘eathomegrown.com‘ address. Use all of that, because if you just do it without the ‘eat’ you’ll land at a site that is definitely not about sandwiches. You’ve been warned.

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