March Madness begins: Protein Pick ’em


March Madness begins today and with all the excitement surrounding the games, I wanted to fill you in on a tasty little bracket surprise of a tourney that I just found out about via Serious Eats – Meat Madness. This year is the premier of the 32-meat face off with four regions contending for the title of Best Protein. Red meat, poultry, pork and seafood battle it out, and your pick can be based on a number of factors: taste, cost, convenience, prestige, or flavor.

My thoughts; Bacon is the odds on favorite, but it’ll be fun to see an upset in that region. I think Ribs and Duck are underdogs. But really can there be any losers to a tournament like this? It’ll be interesting to see the bracket develop.

Who will reign supreme?

Photo courtesy of SoSoGood blog