Time 4 Pho at Interbay

We recently went out for pho at a place that we’ve heard a lot about. It’s called Time 4 Pho, and as you may know, I’m a pho addict and it’s always ‘time for pho.’

Time 4 Pho is located in Magnolia, not in the village, but along the 15th side of things. I love this location because it’s close to Queen Anne and my friends in Ballard. This also means that there isn’t an excuse to go to that place that serves cream puffs with their pho. I won’t even name them, because their broth is weak and I deem them unworthy of a shout-out on this blog. You shouldn’t remember a pho place by their cream puffs, you should remember them for their pho.

First thing you’ll notice about Time 4 Pho is their decor. It’s super clean, well-lit, and awash in lime green and wood. And they have two flatscreen televisions on one side of the restaurant. So if you don’t feel like talking to your dining mate you have something else to do. And the folks that work there are really nice. I always like it when restaurant staff say thank you and ‘bye’ when I’m heading to the door.

Another cool thing about Time 4 Pho is the condiment bar! This is cool because you can choose how much of whatever it is that you like in your pho. Love cilantro and onions? Load ’em up. Enjoy pushing that pleasure/pain threshold? Grab those jalapeños giddily. The PI’s Leslie Kelly spoke about the condiment bar; Time 4 Pho’s manager Eric Kim said that he came up with the condiment concept because he got tired of tossing plates of uneaten veggies at other restaurants where he had worked. So customize your flavor, but don’t waste what you don’t need.

The broth at Time 4 Pho is very beefy. You’ll notice this because the condiments haven’t been simmering in the broth like other pho restaurants. But the broth does have a nice flavor as it is seasoned with anise, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom (they also have veggie and chicken pho options). And because of its simplicity, this where the customization comes in with the condiments to make for a different experience over other pho places around town.

While Time 4 Pho doesn’t have the best pho in Seattle (my vote goes to Pho Bac), it is the most fun place for pho in town. The customization of the condiment bar is the ace in the hole. They also serve beer and wine too. Keep an eye out for their Vietnamese lemonade. It’s unique in that it’s salty and bitter, but it starts to get addictive when you balance it with your soup. I also noticed that they serve ‘kids pho’ for $3! Lastly, I do love their hours; they are open from 11-9 everyday. Time for pho indeed.

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