Anthony Bourdain sounds off

One of my goals is to share what I think is cool in the world of food. Cool is subjective of course, but I think most are under the agreement that Anthony Bourdain is definitely cool. Snarky, opinionated, reverential, voracious; I admire the dude for all of these things, and also for being self-aware enough to be all of these without coming off like a jerk. He loves to share his opinion unapologetically. That’s why I really enjoyed this recent article on MSN. Trust me, you’ll love it because he shares his thoughts on Food Network, reality cooking shows, and the celebrity chef culture we created.

It’s a super fun article. About 20 different angles for Tony to share his opinion, and a unique one at that. He’ll espouse on Rachael Ray (not a fan, but understands her appeal), Iron Chef America (would be even more awesome if they didn’t use knuckleheaded judges), and the Food Network (basically he’s not crazy about their new direction). He’ll also talk about Top Chef, Marco Pierre White, and Alton Brown. One thing I really liked was his rundown of Mario Batali’s show on PBS with Mark Bittman and Gwyneth Paltrow. I agree with Tony that Mario is underutilized and that I could do without Mark Bittman. That dude bugs me. I didn’t agree with all of Tony’s thoughts throughout the article, but I did enjoy that he took a stand on a lot of things and shared his thoughts on what we find ourselves watching often.

I’ve been a fan of Tony Bourdain for a long time. From his books, to his shows, he does all sorts of cool stuff and I’d love to have his job. At the very least, I’d love to go out to dinner with him. That’s why it’s fun to read about what he thinks about things that I find interesting. Fun stuff.

Plus, he and Mario will be in Seattle later this spring! I’d love to go, but it may be too pricey. Maybe I’ll start saving my pennies now or camp outside of Salumi…

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