The Community of Seattle Food Bloggers

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for about 9 months now. We zoomed past the 100 post threshold, and in that time, we’ve talked about all sorts of interesting info in the world of food and wine. From the random (saving bacon fat) to the sublime (dinner at Art of the Table), one thing I haven’t been able to do is meet other food bloggers in the Seattle area. That all changed last week when I attended a Seattle food blogger event that introduced me to many of the folks I’ve been reading about for some time; they inspire me to be a better writer.

Keren Brown, the Frantic Foodie, organized this great event at Theo Chocolate last week. She tries to have these events amongst the food blogging community of Seattle. It was a free flowing fun meet-up to talk about food and what inspires us – and it gave me a chance to be amongst a group of people that truly loves the culture and world of food. I had a blast.

We had a great time at Theo Chocolates located in Fremont. I had never been able to take their tour prior, so it was really fun to step through with a bunch of food nerds when they toured us through their factory. There were moments when everyone whipped out cameras to take pictures, some of the Theo people called us ‘paparazzi.’ I took this as a compliment. I’ve long been a fan of their chocolate (my favorite is their bread and chocolate bar), so it was nice to be able to step into their kitchen and see them do their thing. In fact, Ronald of Cornichon even took a video of Chocolatier Autumn Martin doing her thing with a ganache demonstration. And to answer your question: yes, we ate a ton of chocolate. And it was delicious.

I had a great time and wanted to say thanks to everyone that I met and conversed with. If you haven’t visited their blogs yet, please visit, they’re all good folks and great writers:

I wasn’t able to meet everyone, but do look forward to. Always fun to talk about food, especially those that like to talk about it as much as I do. Seattle is pretty much food blogger central, so it’s nice to have this exchange of ideas and talent, it only raises the bar for each one of us.

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