Taking a stand against Yelp

I must admit, I’m not much of a fan of Yelp. The sniping in the comments is a bit much. The lack of grammar, punctuation, and spelling is awful. And the name doesn’t scream positivity. That is why this bit of news is awesome. A pizza place in San Francisco is printing up t-shirts with quotes from reviews that their staff pulls from Yelp – which has so many levels of cool.

Sure, on the one hand you could consider this an augmentation of Yelp. But I consider this a backlash against the many people who apparently care enough to say something, but don’t care enough to articulate it properly. Think about how much more powerful their statements could be if they simply just made them in grammatically correct sentences, or provided evidence or substance.

Good for Pizzeria Delfina to fight back against Yelpers. Most restaurants in any city are family or locally-owned. Bad press can sink these places, that’s why what happens on Yelp can be a severe detriment to their business. Having an opinion is great, but using your opinion wisely is even more superior. We’ve mentioned this before when talking about blogging, it’s always important to have your facts straight. And it’s not like Yelp is working under a halo of good business practices. Yes, Yelp does have it’s place. It’s a great resource for information and to look up what people say about businesses around town, but it isn’t gospel and shouldn’t be treated as such. I often times find the commentary to speak more about the writer, rather than the business.

Nonetheless, the t-shirts are fun and would probably catch some attention on the street, just be careful which quote you pick.

Photo from 7×7