Open That Bottle Night – Saturday, February 28

This Saturday is Open That Bottle Night, an evening to finally crack that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for that ‘special occasion’. It was started by the wine writers at the Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, and gestated as an evening to finally open that bottle of wine that you’ve been saving. They kept getting letters from people asking things like: “when is the best time to open this bottle?” or “what’s it’s aging potential?” They’re conclusion was to just open the bottle, but make the occasion special. Sign me up!

Dorothy and John write the Tastings column in the WSJ and Open That Bottle Night has been rolling around since the late 90’s, this Saturday’s will be the 10th annual. Reason to celebrate of course. It always lands on the last Saturday of February and provides wine drinkers from all over to finally open that bottle. And if you’ve been drinking wine for anytime you will have all sorts of bottles that fit under this banner.

I have a bunch, nothing too valuable, so no 1st growths or California cults, but there are bottles that have special meaning and I think are great. But the inverse is that I get a little gun-shy to open them. Will I open it at it’s peak? Will my dinner guests appreciate it? These questions can be a little pretentious, but the wine drinkers out there know what I’m talking about. In other words, I’m not opening that bottle of Betz for those friends that love Yellowtail. A little snobby? Yes.

That is why I love Open That Bottle Night; a great excuse to drink up, enjoy wine, have fun with friends, and share stories about wine – about anything. In fact, Dorothy and John also provided some great tips on hosting your own OTBN night. And if you didn’t want to have a dinner party there are spots around the country hosting OTBN parties.

In Seattle, the Art Institute’s Portfolio Restaurant will be hosting an OTBN dinner. It’ll be on Friday 2/27 from 6-9pm and the upper level students will be preparing a four-course meal, the AI’s wine educator Dieter Schafer will provide guidance, and it’s all for $30! Bring your bottle and the corking fee is waived too. It all goes to support the culinary stars of tomorrow at Portfolio, so revel in a night of good vino. Reservations are required, so call 206.239.2363.

What will I open this evening? I’m not quite sure. But I know I’ll be looking forward to drinking it.