Yukon Salmon Benefit Dinner at Elliott’s – February 26

This Thursday, Elliott’s Oyster House on Seattle’s Waterfront will be hosting a charity dinner to support the Yup’ik village in western Alaska. I think this is something for anyone to do that loves salmon, particularly Yukon.

Elliott’s is hosting this charity dinner because the Yup’ik village is one of the few that provides Yukon salmon to all of us lower 48ers. Because the salmon run for Chinook hasn’t been as robust lately, this past winter and fall have been challenging for those living in Alaskan bush communities. Jon Rowley (who is the dude that has introduced us to Copper River, and now Yukon) wanted to reach out and help these Alaskan villagers and Elliott’s has come through to help too. So throughout the month of February, 25% of the sales of salmon dishes at Elliott’s will go to the Yup’ik people of Alaska.

This all culminates with a Salmon Dinner this Thursday at Elliott’s. The menu sounds delicious and is centered around Yukon Keta Salmon. The Keta from Yukon is unique, delicious and much more readily available than the Chinook. Make sure to call Elliott’s to make a reservation for this benefit dinner – 206.623.4340.

Don’t just stop yourself at this dinner, whenever you see Yukon Keta at your fishmonger, buy it! You’ll help the fisherman of the Yukon River, you’ll help your heart with the Omega-3’s, and you’ll have a great meal. My favorite recipe for salmon is to use Tom Douglas’ Salmon Rub and grill it. Awesome.