Frank’s visit to Frank’s

More. Everyone wants more of something. I want more streetfood spots in Seattle. Tiger Woods wants more majors. Bruce Dickinson wants more cowbell. The Smithsonian wants more artifacts. I also want more great places to eat in Seattle. Thankfully we are a great food city and there are more restaurants adding to this reputation. In fact, a new one from the folks that have brought us U-District’s great Pair have another place they want to be included into the discussion; Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor.

I was excited to go to Frank’s for a few reasons. Number one is the name. As a Frank, I always appreciate having more of us around. Number two was how much I like Pair. A whimsical restaurant that executes small plate comfort food perfectly. Number three is because of the stuff I read online. Interesting articles about the history and inspiration behind the place. I always like to know the backstory and the history to any place I visit, so it was great to learn more about Frank’s.

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