Seattle 1234567890 Day Celebration

This afternoon marks a landmark occasion for geeks, programmers and nerds everywhere; that’s when Unix time hits ‘1234567890’ at 3:31pm (and 30 seconds if we’re splitting hairs).

Why is this important? Well for programmers it’s important as a unique snapshot in Unix Time where there is that perfect coincidence numerically. Plus it’s an excuse to celebrate. The Seattle institution of the Owl N’ Thistle will be having a party to ring in the occasion. Be there by 3pm to revel in the number fun!

Hit up The Owl for their happy hour from 3-6pm to ring in 1234567890 Day and embrace your inner geek. Or head over if you really love fish ‘n chips. Owl N’ Thistle has some good ones. Most everything on the happy hour menu falls under three bucks. So let the libations and good times flow with the other geeks around town.

808 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98104
Dilbert comic courtesy of Scott Adams