Coming Soon: Eric Ripert’s new show on PBS

Here is another cool announcement for those that appreciate the brilliance of chefs: Eric Ripert will be getting his own show on PBS this fall.

We’ve talked about Eric Ripert before and now that I’ve been able to meet him, it’s great to hear his exploits. His recent appearances on Top Chef were great, but now we’ll be able to see him doing his own thing this fall. Chef Ripert has a very easy-going style and his skills in the kitchen will be great to see when the shows roll around.

And with this announcement, Eric Ripert adds to an already seasoned line-up. I’d say that the PBS’ stable of cooking shows are better than most things that Food Network shoves at us. Currently, PBS broadcasts shows featuring Ming Tsai, Rick Bayless, Lidia Bastianich, Todd English, and soon enough Eric Ripert. And it’s not just chefs, they also have other great shows – like Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Spain: On the Road Again. All of these folks can run circles around most of the people that the Food Network trots out because they’re chefs, they all have their own restaurants and they’re entrepreneurs – they’re masters of their craft. If anything PBS now is what Food Network was six years ago.

It’ll be fun to see what Eric has in store for us. If you haven’t checked out his blog, Avec Eric (which is also what the PBS show will be called), I’d highly suggest doing so. This should be a good teaser for his show.

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