Happy (Belated) 55th Birthday to Dick’s Drive-In

A major birthday happened last week for locals that many may have missed or didn’t realize. It was the 55th birthday of Seattle’s venerable Dick’s Drive-In. To quote the great Sir Mix-a-Lot, ”Dick’s is the place where the cool hang out‘. Indeed it is Mix, indeed it is.

If you’ve lived or visited Seattle for any amount of time (eight hours or 80 years) you are probably familiar with Dick’s. It is part of the local fabric. It ties neighborhoods, it is a social hub, it starts an outing, it ends an evening, it provides comfort, and it is something that is uniquely Seattle. Dick’s is our own and we all love it.

Many platitudes rang down across the blogosphere wishing Dick’s a happy 55th. Always a milestone to hit that elusive double-nickel, particularly when it’s in the service industry. But Dick’s is different, they’ve always held tight to their ideals, and this may have contributed to their longevity. Plus they’re about fresh ingredients. For instance, their beef gets trucked in everyday and they hand blend all of their shakes. They also have strict guidelines that many have strong opinions about; they do not allow substitutions and you have to pay for the condiments. And you’ll need cash; they don’t take cards or checks.

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