Yan Yan vs. Pocky – Battle of the Ages


Here is a matchup that will divide those that have a sweet tooth: Yan Yan vs. Pocky. That’s right – a test of wills between two Asian snacks that are similar, yet decidedly different. Some people say they like both, but as we know with food, there is always a choice to be made. Coke vs. Pepsi. Waffles vs. Pancakes. Thin crust vs. Thick crust. Now we have Yan Yan vs. Pocky.

Growing up, there were three treats that I was excited to get when we went to Uwajimaya; Shrimp Chips, Pocky, and Yan Yan. Even now, I still love all three. But because Pocky and Yan Yan are so similar, they are ripe for analysis. And there has to be a preference. You can’t think they are equals, there must be a choice to be made. Thus, each will go under the microscope.

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