100 Grand


This is my 100th post. Woohoo. A bit of a milestone if you will. I’ve been blogging for about 9 months now and we’ve touched on all sorts of stuff, but the focus of each post never really changed; each highlight fun information with food and wine. I hope you all learned something along the way.

For this my 1-large post, I think we’ll take the temperature of where we are and what we’ll be doing next. But we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves, this is a food and wine blog after all. Or should I say a food and drink blog? Hmm.

One of the things I noticed about blogging is the voracious appetite for information that people have. That is one area where I can improve; to continually update my blog and to have compelling content for you. So I’ve got a bunch of cool ideas in store for stuff. Building off the landmark Pho Week from October, I’ll be doing more stuff like that. I also want to delve into individual dishes, cuisines, or cooking styles that deserve the spotlight.

We’ll play around with more restaurants, bars and food shops. I’ve stated that I’m by no means a restaurant critic, but people always like reading perspectives. So I’ll continue sharing my experiences. But we can’t all afford to eat high-end. So I’ll also spend more time with dining deals and happy hours. Seattle (and the NW) has a lot of them, it’ll be fun to experiment.

There are food and wine events galore happening almost everyday. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share these with you. I hope I can see you at some of these events.

And I talked about being a drink blog. One of my personal goals this year was to delve into the world of whiskey. This will be a fun one to roll with. And we’ll talk about beer! I haven’t written about beer once yet, so that must change. One summer, a friend of mine and I had a goal to try a new beer every time we went out, and we went out often. I should keep that spirit with everything that I try.

Lastly, I hope to still be relevant to you. That you find the stuff on these pages interesting and informative. I love food. I really, really do. I hope I can share in this joy and make you pause and think for a second of what you do when you’re at the table. I’m always in awe of a great meal, it’s a transcendent experience and one I’ll keep reaching for again and again. See you around the table.