Trophy Life


This is more of an anticipatory heads up for those with a sweet tooth. And if you enjoy the benefits of retail therapy then it’s a perfect combination. Trophy Cupcakes is opening in U-Village.

I first learned of this in Rebekah Denn’s great devouring sEATtle blog; the much-lauded Trophy Cupcakes is slated to open in the spring. Their new location will be next to Pasta & Co. and Bryn Walker. This will be exciting for all those that enjoy a good cupcake. And for all the nannys and moms in Laurelhurst, Bryant, and Sand Point for when the kids have low blood sugar. For anyone really

Triophy Cupcakes has been in the Walllingford Center for several years now. And they have fans by the droves. In fact, Martha Stewart is a fan. Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes actually appeared on Martha’s show a few months back to celebrate cupcake week. Seattle represent.

They have a ton of flavors and my personal favorite is the Obamacake. The chocolate is rich and smoky but in balance with the creme frosting. I particularly like the cake aspect of Trophy’s cupcakes. Moist and springy like any good cupcake should be. The combination of the cupcake and frosting is also not too sweet, which shouldn’t give you sugar overload. (Well, this is what I’m telling myself.) Try a bunch of their flavors! But make sure to enjoy them! Appreciate these little works of art and let the flavors do their thing. They are about three bucks, so they’re by no means cheap. But these are treats not daily indulgences – unless that’s how you roll.

Now if only that location opened sooner…”Spring 2009″ can’t come soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “Trophy Life


    frank you have changed my life

    you have no IDEA how much jacob hates driving up N 45th to satisfy my red velvet cravings, which occur everyday. yay

  2. I wish that I enjoyed my trophy cupcake a little more…I mean, I did drive all the way to 45th for one. The chocolate just didn’t hit the spot. Maybe I should aim for the red velvet next time 😉

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