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This is more of an anticipatory heads up for those with a sweet tooth. And if you enjoy the benefits of retail therapy then it’s a perfect combination. Trophy Cupcakes is opening in U-Village.

I first learned of this in Rebekah Denn’s great devouring sEATtle blog; the much-lauded Trophy Cupcakes is slated to open in the spring. Their new location will be next to Pasta & Co. and Bryn Walker. This will be exciting for all those that enjoy a good cupcake. And for all the nannys and moms in Laurelhurst, Bryant, and Sand Point for when the kids have low blood sugar. For anyone really

Triophy Cupcakes has been in the Walllingford Center for several years now. And they have fans by the droves. In fact, Martha Stewart is a fan. Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes actually appeared on Martha’s show a few months back to celebrate cupcake week. Seattle represent.

They have a ton of flavors and my personal favorite is the Obamacake. The chocolate is rich and smoky but in balance with the creme frosting. I particularly like the cake aspect of Trophy’s cupcakes. Moist and springy like any good cupcake should be. The combination of the cupcake and frosting is also not too sweet, which shouldn’t give you sugar overload. (Well, this is what I’m telling myself.) Try a bunch of their flavors! But make sure to enjoy them! Appreciate these little works of art and let the flavors do their thing. They are about three bucks, so they’re by no means cheap. But these are treats not daily indulgences – unless that’s how you roll.

Now if only that location opened sooner…”Spring 2009″ can’t come soon enough.

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Barack Obama – Wine Drinker

With all of the Barack Obama adoration that has occurred in the past two weeks (or two years), it’s been interesting to learn more and more about the man. We know he’s a massive basketball fan. He loves his Blackberry and the Chicago White Sox. And he loves food – this is why I really like him. I’ve also been curious about what his favorites are (the dude loves chili and hot sauce, he really likes hot sauce). Now comes further word that he is an oenophile. Yup, our president loves to drink wine.

It’s been reported that Barack has 1,000 bottles in his wine cellar at his Hyde Park home in Chicago. 1,000! Clearly, Mr. President loves his wine, but sadly, the contents of his cellar are presently unknown. What is known is how much he enjoys the art of wine; in fact, he is probably the first president in a generation to love the stuff. Plenty of people in the industry are energized by this news. Because he is so influential, many industry folks feel that this can be a boon for the American wine industry and shed light on the quality of our wines. The American Wine Buyer is considered the epicenter of the wine world, and with wine surpassing beer in terms of sales, this could be the moment when wine breaks through it’s snobby veneer to be appreciated by a more mainstream audience. Don’t you think Barack can help wine break through this wall? Yes, we can!

Many people have suggested the types of wines that he should drink. My unbiased opinion is for Barack to partake in the finest wines that the state of Washington can produce. Syrah from Betz Family Winery or Gramercy Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon from Leonetti or Cayuse, Merlot, Riesling. I could go on and on with our great wines. However, the only domestic wines that have reportedly been served in the White House for lunch and dinner menus have been from California. Washington Wine Industry, you are on notice to get your wines in front of this man. Or this woman. You have at least four years to do it.


photo courtesy of Jess