Portland’s waffle trainer: Flavour Spot


Streetfood is one of those things that can add swagger to a neighborhood. Funky and cool, streetfood joints add a unique touch through their food. If Seattle has one thing that it can improve on, it’s streetfood. There is one option (which is supposed to be awesome), but after that it’s a bunch of taco trucks. This is where Portland has us beat. Particularly in the Mississippi area- loaded with streetfood joints, I knew I had to try some. When I was there, it was a holiday and a few where closed; Tita’s Pista take on food from the Philippines is a place I would love to visit. But we ended up going to a place with a singular hook: waffle sandwiches. Dial me in for intrigue, The Flavour Spot was our place for lunch.

On the south end of Mississippi lies a corner spot occupied by Flavour Spot‘s trailer. The signs on the fence called out ice cream and the waffle sandwiches. Or as they liked to call it Dutch tacos. They had me at ice cream, but waffle sandwiches was the hook to get me in. As an appreciator of fun food combinations, of course I would give it a shot. Sign me up, I’m ready for lunch.

I love waffles. The texture, the crispyness, the shape, and how it’s a perfect vehicle for flavor. The little nooks and crannies holding butter and syrup . The potential to be topped with all sorts of good stuff. Like fried chicken. The good people at Flavour Spot do theirs a bit differently. They take the idea of the waffle and fold it up like a taco – now you have something to eat on the go.

The menu is certainly eclectic enough. Ultimately we went with the THB (Turkey, Havarti, Bacon) and the Butter & Powdered Sugar. The combination of turkey and havarti has always been a favorite of mine. I think it started in college with the grilled turkey and havarti sandwiches at The Hub. Right when I saw the THB on the menu, I knew it would be mine. And it was good. The melted cheese alongside the smoky bacon and turkey, all folded nicely into the sweet crisp waffle. And because it was streetfood we were easily on the go to take in the rest of the day.

The sugar and butter was a straight up treat. The waffle wrapping some hunks of butter and dusted with powdered sugar. This is pretty much breakfast in your hand. I can envision Portland hipsters having these as their breakfast du jour

This waffle swoon made me start thinking on the next big things in food. Many call 2008 as the year of bacon. What will be the same for 2009? Bacon was the perfect storm though. A bit bad for you, but oh so good for you. Easy to prepare, wonderful to smell, distinct, and it is a pantheon level food item. So it’s possible nothing else can come close. I wonder if waffles could be the next big thing?

Ok, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself with that train of thought. I did enjoy my Dutch taco from Flavour Spot. In fact, it’s not too far from a friend’s house, I’m sure I’ll be visiting more often. And if there’s a vegan in your party, they’ve got you covered. A few other things to try on the menu; Ice Cream Sandwich, Sausage & Maple, MB9, make your own…

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