Szechuan 99: My new favorite Chinese restaurant

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Next Monday is Chinese New Year, and as we start the year of the Ox, I’ll shine a light on a great little Chinese food spot you may want to celebrate the New Year with. I love Chinese food. Of all the world’s great cuisines, food from China is arguably my favorite. I attribute this to my Dad. Dim sum, Cantonese, Szechuan – he loved everything Chinese and this sense of nostalgia stays with me today when I remember hanging out with my Dad eating great food.

In my opinion, Seattle does have strong options for Chinese food. From the dim sum at Jade Garden, the bbq pork at Kau Kau, the ginger chicken at Tai Tung, and the dumplings at Judy Fu’s – we do have great Chinese food throughout our city. All of these restaurants have specialties that are a favorite for a reason, but it wasn’t until I went to Lynnwood to a place that could rival them and become my new choice pick. Say hello to Szechuan 99.

In fact, I didn’t even know it was a new, cool restaurant until a good food friend suggested it. Always loving the idea of trying new Chinese restaurants, I had to give it a shot. Being that Szechuan 99 is in Lynnwood, I took the recommendation for granted and never visited until recently. A Friday earlier in the month would’ve been my dad’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate him by visiting a Chinese restaurant, I’m glad we did. Continue reading