Cream puff daddy

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Seattle’s International District’s got you covered. Bubble tea at Gossip, cocktail buns at Mon Hei, now we can add another to the mix of fun stuff to get – cream puffs from Beard Papa’s.

I must admit, I had no idea of what Beard Papa’s was until about a week ago. Now I feel late to the party. Because I didn’t have any preconceived notions as to what Beard Papa’s is ‘supposed’ to be, I just enjoyed what they were. What first started out as a Japanese treat, became a bit of a phenomenon (read up on the history, it’s really interesting!). Apparently, lines would go out the doors with people clamoring for these cream puffs. Now, they’ve started expanding stateside with locations throughout California and New York. The first Seattle location opened up at Safeco Field this summer. Which makes sense given the strong ties the Mariners have to Japan (Ichiro!). But I wasn’t aware of this because the M’s stunk up the joint and fell off the map to locals that cared. Now Beard Papa’s has a location in Waji’s, that I’ll be sure to hit up frequently. And a third is coming to Lynnwood!

Located inside of Uwajimaya in their food court, Beard Papa’s sits as the anchor. And you can watch the whole show of cream puffs being made. I love cream puffs, the combination of dough and rich cream is always a winner. But Seattleites have been living in a state of cream puff mediocrity. Most are soggy and bland, and those ones you get before your meal at local pho places? No thanks, I’ll pass. The cream puffs at Beard Papa’s are a different story.

The cream puffs are large in size, about the size of a hockey puck, not the ping pong ball most are used to. And they bake them fresh throughout the day! Order a puff and choose one of three flavors of cream (vanilla, chocolate, and green tea), they’ll fill them in front of you, and then they’ll dust them in a bit of powdered sugar. Then they are yours! I love this process because adding the cream before serving keeps the shell crisp, so this dichotomy of crisp shell with creamy filling is a bona fide winner. Biting into it is a delightful experience I look forward to doing again and again.

The cool thing about Beard Papa’s is that the cream puffs are baked fresh daily and the cream is made day of. So things are fresh and they don’t use preservatives, so be mindful that they won’t keep that long. Why would they? You’ll finish yours soon enough. The staff is really friendly too, which as always nice. Smiling faces go a long way.

Head on down to Uwajimaya and enjoy feeling like a kid that loves sweets. Plus, the Waji’s location doesn’t have the massive lines that typify the Japan locations. I will say that they are a bit expensive. $2.15! But it’s a treat, not a necessity. So treat yourself to some cream puffs at Beard Papa’s.

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