The golden touch of Golden Glen Creamery

Milk does a body good. It truly does. Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, I love milk. Quick story, one summer before high school, my group of friends and I all decided to only drink whole milk to bulk up for the sports year. We bulked up all right; we enjoyed drinking the milk, but we didn’t really enjoy the working out part of the summer.

But back on point, my most favorite milk to grab around town is by Golden Glen Creamery. Their skim milk destroys all other skim milks. It’s so so good. It takes like 2%, so it’s not watery, more full and creamy. Look for the green cap! While I definitely love the skim, the whole milk is like this decadent milkshake treat. And the chocolate milk. Those that say adding chocolate syrup to chocolate milk is the same thing are deluding themselves. This is the chocolate milk to get.

Golden Glen Creamery is located north of Seattle in Bow, but what’s great is that tons of local grocery stores and markets carry it. We get ours from Eat Local on Queen Anne. Go get some today! Oh yeah, be mindful that it’s in a glass container, so you’ll need to pay a deposit, but this is just another excuse to go and get some more. Or you can keep it and toss your Nalgene.

Enjoy your milk and the fact that you’re buying product from local farmers that enrich our community. Neighbors helping neighbors!

Photo from the Skagit Foodshed blog

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