Stylin’ at Shiku

When thinking about style, food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most. But for jaded food nerds like me, I think style is a huge part of the experience. Take for instance a restaurant; ambiance, vibe, crowd, presentation, and design all have a role – and style can enrich that experience. Which brings us to sushi. More than any other style of food, sushi has style. It’s reflected in the design of the rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. The sushi master has an opportunity to impart his personal flair onto the food. The colors, textures, and shapes create the canvas and tools for their art. It’s quite the experience and this past weekend, we went to Shiku in Ballard for sushi and indulged in style presented by Johnny and his team.

Shiku has a prime spot along Ballard Ave, which has been open for about three months now, but it wasn’t until this weekend we had a chance to visit. We love sushi. One of purest ways to experience food, it plays on your palate, introduces you to new stuff, and challenges you. I’ll always remember this one experience at the old Nikko’s in the Westin with some friends; we loved our lunch so much we were ready to stand up and start clapping. We had that good of a time. If you love sushi, you know what I’m talking about.

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