Taco Time

Taco Time is my favorite local fast food spot. I’ve grown up with Taco Time, and for other locals that grew up here, I’m sure they concur. They’ve been around for the past 40 years, always good, and a part of local tradition. And they came up with a local jingle I’ll never forget (Good good, fresh fresh, Taco Time!) Yup, I’m a fan.

My earliest memory of Taco Time was of my dad bringing my brother and I to the Taco Time near SeaTac airport to treat us. That is when I discovered the glory of their Crisp Beef Burrito and their Mexi-Fries. I always loved going, because it was a special lunch with my pops, and now I think that warm nostalgia has carried over to this day.

I still always order the Crisp Beef Burrito and Mexi-Fries. The burrito is as close to fried perfection as you can get. Crisp, light crunch, but the beef filling isn’t heavy or greasy. It’s awesome. And the Mexi-Fries. The un-initiated may call the Mexi-Fries tater tots, but that would be an insult. They have a bit of spice to them and are fried perfectly; crispy exterior, fluffy interior.

When you go Taco Time always load up on their salsa. Or would they call it hot sauce? Whatever, it’s really good. Tons of flavor, good heat, and you’ll want to get extra.

Another thing I love about Taco Time is that they have local roots. Owned locally, based in Renton, Taco Time has locations throughout the area. They are everywhere! I’m a fan of the one on Elliott. Plus, the ingredients they use are excellent for chain standards and you’ll always get the impression of freshness.

Yup, my ode to the glory of Taco Time. For those days when you want something quick, easy, and comfortable – crave Mexi-Fries and Crisp Beef Burritos.

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