Hot Dog with Cream Cheese, please

In this lost year for Seattle sports, at the very least we still have a winning tradition that is uniquely our own. A hot dog with cream cheese and onions. Some find the notion of putting cream cheese on a dog as a little weird and peculiar, but locals love it. Here’s what you need and how to do it:

  • Bread vessel of choice (hot dog bun, hoagie rolls, French roll could all work)
  • Meat of choice (hot dog, sausage, brat, veggie dog, anything could work)
  • Caramelized onions (throw these in a pan and let do their thing, I’ve heard of a place that lets their onions sautee in a pan of Coca-Cola)
  • Cream cheese (the finishing touch)

Spread the cream cheese on the bun and then assemble. Done! You’ve got yourself a Seattle speciality! I think the combination of the meaty hot dog, sweet onions, and tangy cream cheese is utterly unique and tasty. The tang of the cream cheese brightens the flavors and makes each unique.

Sounds gross, but it’s awesome. And hey, if our sports teams are challenged, may as well challenge our palates. They’ll appreciate it.