Vibin’ with Via Tribunali

In our fine city, slowly but surely we are being taken over by pizza. In locales like Georgetown, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, and soon Belltown, our palates have the pleasure of enjoying some of the finer pizza around. Pizza is one of those things that people have really strong opinions about. Thin crust, thick crust, deep dish, sauce, etc. Chances are you’ll have opinions on what you like and don’t like.

Say hello to Via Tribunali! The folks at Via Tribunali strictly adhere to Neapolitan pizza. Which means it’s thin and has 2-3 toppings max. In fact, Via Tribunali adheres to an association that promotes the culture and safeguarding of Neopolitan style pizza. Crazy. And Via Tribunali is so obsessive that they have a special water-filtration system that approximates their water to the type of the water in Napoli. Crazy! It can be a bit messy because it is super thin, but man o’ man does does their pizza have a ton of flavor.

Some things to consider when visiting; it can get super busy in the place. Either arrive early or wear comfortable shoes and be patient. And they cook all of their pizza in a super hot wood-burning oven, so the place can get a bit warm. But this is what’s cool about that oven. It burns so hot that once your pizza is prepared it’ll slide into the oven for 45 seconds top! The pizza has this nice crisp smoke to it that makes it so tasty, you’ll really enjoy it.

They’ve got a bunch of locations throughout Seattle. The Capitol Hill and Queen Anne neighborhoods were the early adopters and got theirs first. Georgetown followed this year, and Fremont opened theirs this week. And word off the street is that when the Crocodile reopens, Via Tribunali will be the food providers – of course music, hipsters, and pizza go together.

So if you’re in the mood for pizza that follows a strict tradition of excellence, make your way to one of the many Via Tribunali’s throughout the city:

  • Capitol Hill – 913 E. Pike St – 206.322.9234 – Via Tribunali on Urbanspoon
  • Queen Anne – 317 W. Galer St – 206.264.7768 – Via Tribunali on Urbanspoon
  • Georgetown – 6009 12th Ave S – 206.464.2880 – Via Tribunali on Urbanspoon
  • Fremont – 4303 Fremont Ave – 206.547.2144 – Via Tribunali on Urbanspoon