Cool wine book: Red, White and Drunk All Over

Yup, that’s the title of this really fun wine book by Natalie MacLean. Red, White and Drunk All Over was one of the most fun informational food and wine books that I’ve read in the past few years. That’s why I think it’s another cool book for you. Or for someone as a gift. Even if you’re not into wine, you’ll be engrossed with Natalie, her narrative and how she grew and learned as a wino and a writer. It’s like reading a magazine in it’s brevity and flow.

First off, this is a great wine reference book. What’s really cool is that within its information is a great story. Nat shares her experience as a wine writer, spending time in places like Napa Valley, Burgundy, and Champagne, but she molds her perspectives into a reference and an informational slant. Tough thing to do without feeling preachy, but Nat’s style of prose prevents it from being stiff.

That’s the biggest thing that I love about the book. Nat takes a big object like wine that can be pretty intimidating and makes it approachable. Perfect for newcomers. Want to learn about food pairing. She’s on it. Glassware research? Check. Burgundy? She’s got you covered. Hosting a party? Holla. Along the way it’s dotted with fun little anecdotes. Did you know that toast comes from ancient Rome when before meals, soldiers would dip charred bread into the wine? Thus, toasting before a meal began.

It’s a quick read too. You could breeze through it or treat it like a textbook and keep notes. Isn’t that the great thing about really good books? That you’ll take something with you that resonates long after you put the book down.

Revel and read Nat’s book. Her website has all sorts of good info and she has a free newsletter; Nat Decants. The lady does have a way with words.

Red, White and Drunk All Over is one of those books that you’ll find yourself bringing up in conversation. Read it for yourself or give it to a wine-loving friend or to someone who wants to take the next step to wine geekhood. Cheers to that.