Seattle City Stimulus

Here’s another really cool event in Seattle this week. This time it’s to support local businesses throughout town. It’s called City Stimulus and runs from December 4 through 7. It includes restaurants, coffee shops, record stores, shoe stores – basically anything you can spend money on. It is a great way to start checking some gifts off your holiday list and savor a few tasty goodies along the way.

Some of the more distinguished restaurants in our area are participating:

  • Boat Street Cafe
  • Cafe Presse
  • Cremant
  • Dinette
  • Fish Fry
  • Le Pichet
  • Poppy
  • Via Tribunali
  • and more!

They’ll be having special offers, discounts, etc for ‘City Stimulus’ cardholders! Check out the website, download your card, see which of your favorite stores are participating and go out and support local businesses! Avoid the big box stores and go to the local gem that really looks forward to your dollar. Did you know that for each dollar spent at a local shop, about 45% of it goes back into the local economy? Pretty cool. And local business owners are truly the backbone of the community.

See you around town for the small business party!

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